Tuesday, October 18, 2016


By Jon Bekemeyer 

Scripture Reading: Romans 16:17,18

Often we hear from those who do not want to obey  God's Word, "Doctrine isn't important; we just need to love  one another." But God says otherwise, "Mark them which  cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine ye have  learned and avoid them." Those who oppose this truth  apparently think they know more than God and consider  obedience to this verse unloving. Make no mistake; some are  to be marked and avoided.

The question is sometimes asked, "Why do you  have to mention people by name? Can't you just preach  truth and forget about others?" Such a question must be  responded to with another question. "How can you mark  someone unless you know who he is?" Paul certainly  marked people who endangered the saints (e.g.  Hymenaeus, Philetus, Alexander, etc.). Can you imagine  Paul saying, "Brother Hymenaeus has some serious doctrinal problems, but he is a dear brother and loves the  Lord; so I am asking all the brethren to invite him in for a  week of meetings. Perhaps we can encourage him in the  truth "? No! Paul would say, "Have no company with him,  that he may be ashamed."

Some have emphasized that Satan doesn't have  horns and a forked tail. The point is that he is a beautiful,  enticing creature; even though he is a hateful, ruinous brute.  So also is deceitful service. It comes not with rough talk and  coarse behavior, but with "good words and fair speeches."  Deceitful service divides, offends and deceives. Let's be  obedient to God's Word.

   "Why So Many Different Belief Systems?"
Les Feldick


Posted By Cecil and Connie Spivey

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