Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Scripture Reading: Genesis 17:5, Acts 13:9

Several people in Scripture are given name changes by the  Lord: Sarai/Sarah,Jacob/Israel,Simon/Peter. Each oft hese  carries some significance, but no name change bears more  significance than those of Abraham and Paul.

Abram became Abraham at the time of his circumcision.  (See Genesis 17.) This signaled anew chapter in God's  dealings with men. At this time, a ritual was added as a  demonstration of faith for those who would join themselves to  the covenant of God. From this point on, circumcision (and  later, other rituals) distinguished the people of God from other  peoples of the earth. This ritual was so much a part of the  prophetic program of God that God identifies the kingdom  gospel committed to the Apostle Peter as "the gospel of the  circumcision" (Galatians 2:7b).

Saul became Paul at the time that God removed  circumcision (and all other Jewish rituals) as a required  demonstration of faith. (See Acts 13:39; 15:1,2.)

Is it not interesting that the discussion of whether or not  circumcision was required for salvation did not come up until  after Paul's first missionary journey? Peter and the rest of the  twelve apostles had been preaching for over ten years at this  point, yet they said nothing about a removal of circumcision  or the law. That is because it was committed to Paul to reveal  after Israel had been offered (and rejected) the kingdom  through the preaching of the twelve.

What great significance we see in the name changes of Abraham and Paul! 

How God Saves Men
Believing Christ DIED, that’s HISTORY.
Believing Christ DIED for YOU SINS and Rose again that’s SALVATION.
Read Romans 1:16, Romans 10:9-10 and 1. Corinthians 15:1-4

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