Friday, August 19, 2016

IMPUTED SIN -- By John Baker

John Baker

Scripture Reading: Romans 5:12-21

3. When Adam sinned, all mankind sinned in him-- all that have been born up to this time and all who shall yet be born (VS.12). This is the very basis of imputed sin. When Adam sinned, you sinned, I sinned, the whole race sinned. The truth of this is proved by the fact that physical death was characteristic of all men from Adam to Moses (vs. 14).

4. Before the Law was given to Israel by God through Moses, sin was in the world, but sin was not charged against men when there was no law (vs. 13).

5. And yet all were subject to death during this period from Adam to Moses, even though they had not sinned the same kind of sin as Adam (vs. 14). Why did they die? They did not die for their own sins. They died because they had received a dying nature from Adam. One does not die today because of their own sinful acts, but because they sinned in Adam -- the federal head of the race. All members of the human race have inherited Adam's sinful nature. Sin is not only an act, it is a nature. Adam, through disobedience, fell into sin, and his nature became corrupt. The whole human family has inherited Adam's fallen, corrupt, sinful nature and the condemnation of death.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 15:17-20

There is imputed sin and there is also imparted sin, that results in the sin nature. This we receive from our parents. We  are born with Adam's sin nature. We know this because  children lie, cheat, steal, etc. We do not have to teach them to  do these things; they come by it by nature. So, this is our sin  nature. The more man expresses himself, the more he sins. We  are sinners by nature and by choice. Sin is merely a symptom  of a disease - fruit of the root - expression of our nature. This  explains man's condition. We are sinners by nature, and as a  result we are spiritually dead (separated from God), have an  evil nature, and are corrupt. We are not sinners because we  sin, but because of sin (sin nature) we are sinners. Matthew  15:18 states, "But those things that proceed out of the mouth  come forth from the heart; and they defile the man."

We are sinners by choice and as a result we are guilty and  condemned. We read, "For the wages of sin is death" (Romans  6:23a), "the soul that sinneth, it shall die" (Ezekiel 18:4b),  "and sin when it is finished, bringeth forth death" (James  1:15b). We are sinful, guilty, condemned, lost, doomed to  spiritual death, headed for judgement and punishment, and  banishment from God.

The fact of sin and its consequences, points out very  clearly our need for salvation. The question arises: "How can  this salvation be provided?"


By Les Feldick

Posted By Cecil and Connie Spivey

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